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NAStar Inc.'s Print'N Stick Direct Thermal Linerless Labels Now Available In Stocked Formats

NAStar Inc.’s Print’N Stick Linerless Direct Thermal products are now available in direct thermal, printer-ready rolls, eliminating the need for label convertors to go on press to run linerless, small diameter rolls.

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Au Bon Pain Streamlines Operations with NAStar Inc.’s Order Confirmation Labels

Au Bon Pain has introduced NAStar Inc.’s Print’N Stick™ Order Confirmation Labels as a means to fully capture order contents, ensure customer orders are accurate while reducing food waste and loss prevention by capturing orders electronically through barcode scanning.

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NAStar Inc. Introduces New HotSafe Direct Thermal Food Safety Labels for High Heat Kitchens

A high-temperature resistant Thermal imaged food safety label has been introduced by NAStar Inc., a manufacturer of pressure sensitive label materials. HotSafe DT produces an image that is stable up to 266°F that can be used on steam tables, underneath heat lamps, or in a microwave without darkening.

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Order Confirmation Labels Compliment Restaurant Kiosk Ordering

The growth of kiosk ordering has led restaurants to seek more accurate ways to identify the increased number of customized orders and itemized add-ons. Many restaurants are switching to self-adhesive Order Confirmation Labels, also known as “Sticky Receipts” such as Print’N Stick Order Confirmation POS Receipt Labels from NAStar Inc.

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