Print'N Stick Linerless POS Order Confirmation Labels

Reduce Order Errors, Compliment Online & Mobile Ordering, Support Order Customization, Enhance Couponing, and Increase Your Profitability


The Quick Serve Restaurant industry is facing an estimated 10% or more* of order errors resulting in increased food waste and decreased customer satisfaction


Your customers expect speed and accuracy for their loyalty

Order Confirmation Labels:

  • Reduce food waste from order errors
  • Support technology-based ordering - mobile, kiosk, online, etc.
  • Satisfy increased consumer choice and customization
  • Protect customers with food allergies and sensitivities

Linerless products provide:

  • Twice as many labels per roll
  • Variable length printing for all your needs
  • A safe for food contact solution
  • Easy drop-in loading
  • Environmentally responsible repulpable material & adhesive** 

With our robust Temporary Adhesive, they can stick to virtually any cups or food packaging.

They can be printed to accommodate nutritional information, allergen information, and logos – perfect for Grab N Go & To-Go orders!

Our Linerless material can run through many POS printers - maybe even the ones you currently use!

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*QSR Magazine, October 2016

**The Temporary Adhesive Family is repulpable tested against TAPPI UM213