Print'N Stick Universal

Print'N Stick Universal is the most versatile offering for food service. Universal has an aggressive, hydrophilic adhesive that sticks to and removes from frozen, refrigerated items and Grab & Go wrappers and containers. This NIR Thermal Face is manufactured with a splash resistant coating and even higher temperature resistance for warming surfaces, lamps, and microwave usage.

  •      Save space - stock only one type of label 
  •      Save time - no stopping to switch to costly labels for the
         freezer, fridge, dry storage, etc.
  •      Save money - get double the number of labels per roll

Linerless labels allow you to use the same roll for different applications including:

  • Food Rotation LabelsImage saying that Linerless Universal On Demand Labels Reinforces Best Practices
  • Use First Labels
  • Thaw Labels
  • Nutrition Labels
  • Grab N Go Labels
  • MRDs (Made, Ready, Dispose)


Standard widths are 2" and 3.125". Ask about other sizes.


*The Temporary Adhesive Family is repulpable tested against TAPPI UM213